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Cultured veggies are loaded in probiotics.

​Probiotics are nature’s purest form of antibiotics. These small microscopic organisms, called microflora, assists the body in building long-lasting immunity and defending it from a host of chronic illnesses and diseases. The word PROBIOTIC means  “FOR LIFE”.  Our bodies have 100 times more bacteria than living cells and the reason to pay attention to eating the right kind of bacteria for good digestion. Good bacteria kill off the bad bacteria & yeast overgrowth.

A Tradition of Taste


The creator of Fermentlicious started to create her own personal ferments to heal her health issues, yeast overgrowth, failing thyroid, brain fog and a crazy sugar addiction. Sharon is a seeker of knowledge, and has a great understanding that food is medicine...."Our blends use key ingredients that have healing qualities and healing energetics; high grade ginger, turmeric root, pink Himalayan sea salt and other spices that have different energetics to aid in healing the body on subtle levels."

The secret process requires less salt than other sauerkrauts, which means our kraut has a low sodium content, only 50mg...Being of Polish, German and Hungarian Heritage, this is her innate bloodline...

Mission of Caring


It’s important to know what you’re eating, all of our products are organic, raw, unpasteurized and made with love. Being conscious of our carbon footprint we compost our waste, use glass jars made in USA. I’m committed to make the planet more sustainable for that reason we only sell our products locally.
During the fermenting process we play high vibrational music, creating ferments with the highest energetics, each jar has a healing intention and is packed with love.

Intention is our key ingredient!

The creator of this healing food, is also a Clinical Ayurveda Specialist, at Sharing Ayurveda. Ayurveda believes all disease begins with digestion, check out her practice here.

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"Such an extraordinary product!
You can tell the love and passion have gone into the making of every batch. My kids (4 and 7) love the different flavors of Kraut and I'm a huge fan of the Kimchi as well! Such a gift to enjoy. Thank you for your dedication to a wonderfully delicious food staple in our home!"

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